Drinking Tea Without Caution

you stir both our teas silently before you set mine down on the coffee table   "drink it cautiously, it's very hot." you'll say sitting down next to me  only a centimeters distance between our thighs but your eyes stay glued to the milk in your tea that swirls down to the bottom of the… Continue reading Drinking Tea Without Caution


New Ink – Talitha Koum

This word is very special to me. One of my closest friends was in a car accident July 25th, 2016. Suffering a TBI, she remains in a minimally conscious state; resting and healing.   In Mark chapter 5, the leader of the local syngogue approached Jesus telling him that his daughter is dying and begging Jesus… Continue reading New Ink – Talitha Koum

Response- Ceramic Pink Pot

And I do think of you with every cup I pour. I think of the night you gave me the ceramic pink pot and how we danced together in the kitchen of your old house before going to dinner. And as I pour milk into my tea, just a dab, I think about the morning… Continue reading Response- Ceramic Pink Pot

I’d rather not dream at all

In my slumber its your hands around my waist your fingers tracing my skin your lips kissing away my pain  and its your voice whispering all good things to me but then i wake up and its your hands that are absent  your lips on a can of cheap beer  instead of passionately placed on… Continue reading I’d rather not dream at all