Foreign fingers 

His fingers felt different foreign while they traced my skin lightly, carefully almost like yours used to and his lips were a different kind of soft-          as if he was scared                                        … Continue reading Foreign fingers 


First Ink-

We learn, grow and heal fom our different experiences. That is one thing I have been trying to understand now more than ever. Something I have been anticipating for years now has been my very first tattoo. What would I get? Why would I get it? And where would I place it? Now i've never… Continue reading First Ink-

Don’t Fall in Love With Me

Don't fall in love with me, or i'll write about the scars on your shoulder, and the way your collarbone curves like your smile. And sometimes i'll pay attention to the little hair that falls onto your forehead before you dishevel it back with the rest, other than the words flooding from your mouth. Don't… Continue reading Don’t Fall in Love With Me